Identity and a sense of place...
An urban sanctuary only 13 kilometres from Melbourne CBD

Housed behind a striking facade adopting approachable scale and an exterior palette comprising dark bronze zinc, cream and lush green, all apartments feature either balconies or outdoor terraces with porcelain tiled finishes, designed to make the most of a serene cul-de-sac setting.

In reference to the local environment, brick is the hero material, evoking the methodical planning, progressive thinking and stability involved in the project. Exquisitely landscaped greenery is employed as a complementary component, enhancing the sense of order, grounding and tranquility. Strategic timber placement and boxed-out windows serve as a link between solid brick and the softer, natural elements.


The tranquil cul-de-sac location provides the perfect setting to enhance the quietude of the spaces within.


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